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muonline development

  1. J

    NPCMU.COM SEASON 6 EP18 / x1000 / 30% / OPEN NOW!!!! / PVP

    You must be registered for see element. NPCMU.COM SEASON 6 EP18 IS OPEN NOW! You must be registered for see element. You must be registered for see element. PREMIUM WEB LICENSE PREMIUM SERVER FILES PREMIUM ANTIHACK You must be registered for see element. NO WEBSHOP VIP SYSTEM • Website: You...
  2. Kagayakashi

    [Development] Cloud Mu Online (Browser game)

    Hey, everyone! I wanted to share some exciting news with you all: I've begun working on a project called Cloud Mu Online! It's a browser text-based game that partially recreates the mechanics and features of the original Mu Online. One of the project's highlights is that it's a browser game...
  3. G

    🔥🔥OKMU ⭐ Season 3e1 ⭐ x400 ⭐ New Server! ⭐ 🔥🔥LEFT 3 H GRAND OPEN🔥🔥

    You must be registered for see element. MEDIUM 400x - GAME DATA New character get 24h 150% xp bonus, 500 free point and 15.000,000 zen • Version: Season 3 Episode 1 • Experience: x400 (Dynamic system) ----- from 0 - 8 Reset: x500 ----- from 9 - 15 Reset: x650 ----- from 16 - 25 Reset: x800 -----...
  4. K

    BMD editor

    Hi all! I'm looking for an editor for season 18.2-2 to edit BMD files. I searched a lot on the Internet and forums but didn’t find anything, maybe someone knows where to download or knows another way to edit these files? I will be glad for any help!
  5. Sail3

    Im interested in mu online servers

    Hello buddies i'm a very interested to learn how to made a mu online clients hooks and other thinks, maybe if someone have a muonline client without launcher i'll love it Blessings.