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new member introductions

  1. busylaxy

    Same reason your here love MMO ^_^

    Hi there, You can can call me Armekay:love:, Vargo:cool:, busylaxy:sleep:. the first one is my fav :) I love games made some attempt to makes ones I like to learn new things or update my knowledge of things Easygoing no drama/headAche thing:ninja: I like curvy girls -> I guess genetically...
  2. chezas

    Hello everyone!

    I am glad to welcome everyone! My name is chezas, I am 24 years old! I work as a system administrator for a construction company. In my free time, I get carried away with setting up all kinds of network equipment and everything related to it. In addition, I like to set up different game servers...
  3. GaleYuichi

    Hello! Hi new to community

    hello everyone. I'm just here to look up Maplestory PS resources mostly. Finally got a job and think of doing some side project learning. Also since the Official Maplestory server in my region closed, twice (ThailandMS). So now that I'm older and wiser I wanted to give this a try. Other stuffs I...
  4. Wxrk


    Hi, Ragezone community! I am a full-stack developer with a focus on .NET. My programming journey began at the age of 14, when I started creating local servers for the game Adventure Quest Worlds. This experience sparked my interest in technology and led me to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP...
  5. tarigan070_

    Hello! Hello

  6. Stuart Jones

    Hey there

    Hello all i am Stuart im a software engineer by trade programmed and forgotten more languages than most lol i like to mess with server projects and games etc i just got me this lil bad boy with a 9tb nas box You must be registered for see element. my room is starting to sound like a damn data...
  7. V


    Hi there, I have landed here in order to find some files for lan playing of certain server side vendor locked in games. Seems really promising so far!
  8. O

    I'm not new, but still new

    hello, I am not new to this platform, I'm an I.T. since 2008 and I haven't been active since 2020. This 2023 I want to learn and improve myself and then create a new game server. I hope I can meet like-minded people here to help me build Game Server. Thank you.
  9. RenYi