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new member

  1. N

    I'm m00tjee

    Hi, I've finally decided to give ragezone a try instead of devbest to expand my idea's into this forum and possibilities. I'am currently owning a Habbo Retro, looking forward to find a good team of people who are experienced and dedicated to work on this hotel. Thank you for reading my short...
  2. Lofty Shadow


    Hello my name is Lofty Shadow
  3. busylaxy

    Same reason your here love MMO ^_^

    Hi there, You can can call me Armekay:love:, Vargo:cool:, busylaxy:sleep:. the first one is my fav :) I love games made some attempt to makes ones I like to learn new things or update my knowledge of things Easygoing no drama/headAche thing:ninja: I like curvy girls -> I guess genetically...
  4. tarigan070_

    Hello! Hello

  5. mon1o

    Hello It's me : )

    Dear ReGEZONE Community! I am happy to be here! I am Simeon and me and my friends are building MuOnline server. Our server is crafted with love by a team of dedicated professionals, ensuring a top-notch gaming experience just for you. I love playing games in my free time. Love forums like...
  6. tacphong


    Hello! I created an account here cause it is the only source for Neverwinter Online game server files! :D Maybe will stay here for longer cause I am a developer too.
  7. N

    Final Fantasy 11 private server dev

    Hello all! I joined today through a topic with my brother about Bless Online servers and how the logical side of the server works. I am a server dev for a Final Fantasy 11 private server and the main repository for the games data can be found here You must be registered for see element. I was...
  8. M

    Hello! New One For Game Discussion

    Hello everyone, I am the new guy here. Ragezone has so many game lovers. I also want to discuss the technical questions of games.
  9. B


    am new here. really new for every thing here. I just want to find some private game server but I found the big community. may be I have to learn how to write code. am not good at English sorry for that if I write some thing weird.
  10. S

    Hi, I’m interested in this site

    Hi everyone I have created account here to ask some question.
  11. M

    hi welcome back

    Thank you for accept my request !!
  12. T


    Hello everyone! My name is John and I'm a game developer and enthusiast. I'm really excited to join this forum and learn more about MMO development. I've been developing games for a few years now and am looking forward to sharing my experiences and learning from others. I'm especially...