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old school mu online

  1. V

    Dark Wars MU 97D Grand Opening 19/1/2024

    Grand Opening 19/1/2024 140+ online Dark Wars MU 97D WebSite: You must be registered for see element. Welcome to our Server. Server settings are made as The Game 0.97d was. Antihack Protection : PS Devs Version: 0.97d+99i Exp: 120x (for the first week after will be changed to 100x)...
  2. M

    Hey, everybody!

    I want to open my own game server on MU Online! I will be glad to any players and any advice!
  3. KarLi

    MuMatrix Season 3 Episode 1 No Resets - 100x Low-Medium Server (EVENT WEEK!)

    You must be registered for see element. Welcome to our Season 3 Non Resets server, this is a server focused in Hunting and PvP with no resets based on global mu online season 2 server but in season 3 with the 3rd class and wings. This server is for everyone who likes Raw Character Stat...