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  1. Hellong

    I need your HELP šŸ™ with this

    How I can enable "event mode" in my server ? I mean with soundtrack by default (halloween, xmas) and how I can give cash & items for new accounts ?
  2. sheilon147


    Gracias compaƱeros del foro. me gustaria que alguien me ayudara a crear un servidor de rakion .. eh intentado de todas formar y no puedo terminar de conectar el launcher al servidor (Thanks forum mates. I would like someone to help me create a rakion server... I have tried every way and I can't...
  3. theldarko

    Rakion Players.dat Editor 1.0 BETA

    Hello, I'm stopping by to drop off an editor I developed for the players.dat to facilitate the manipulation of stat balancing for each character. Open iXFS and extract Datasetup/Players.datYou must be registered for see element. Next, open "Players Editor" and import the players.datYou must be...
  4. theldarko

    Rakion Model Extract 1.0 Alpha

    Rakion Model Extract Alpha 1.0 By ThelDarko I bring you a program that I have developed to extract Rakion models from .smc format to .obj format so you can edit them in Blender. Tutorial: 1. Open the program (Rakion Model Extract.exe) You must be registered for see element. 2. Click on...
  5. Nexon EX

    Rakion Update: Revamped Launcher and Theme Changes

    EN: Hello friends, Today I completed the design of the Launcher theme. Update version is 1.0.1 Alpha. I'll be changing many in-game contents soon. How is it? I'm open to comments for evaluation. Note: If you want the design and the Game.dat file, you can contact me privately. Thanks. TR...
  6. S

    I need Rakion server files data

    Hello, I want to open a server to play with my friends, but no matter how much I research, I can't seem to find any average server files related to Rakion. Is there anyone who can help, please? If anyone is willing to help, please share your Discord username. I will add you as a friend. I...
  7. S

    Rakion 404 Error

    Hello, last night around 12:15 AM, I joined the server of a person named 'Dev' or RaGEZONE with the nickname (thepatan55) on Discord and asked for their help. They mentioned that they had some work to do and would assist me once they were done. They sent me a few videos and told me that by...