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ran gs

  1. tatsuya023

    [Small Share] GS Scrolling event issue while UI is open FIX

    Look for GLControlBase::DefaultCameraUpdate and make the changes, just add the windows that I forgot. I'll try to fix the bugs on the GS release, and I'm looking for a friend, let's help together and fix the bugs :giggle:, leave me a DM. void GLControlBase::DefaultCameraUpdate( float fTime...
  2. N

    I would like to ask all fellow developers to share their views on the stamina system.

    If the game ran online has a stamina system That each person will have a limited amount of time to find items and level up. For example, if the character in that ID has stamina 300 minutes or equal to 5 hours if we level up and find items over the 300 stamina specified. From 301 onwards (you can...
  3. Ecjay1

    [GS] ETC Function for Level Editor

    Hey guys , im tying to put a safezone with the level editor , thing is how to fking use the ETC Function ? I cant add a safezone or any other etc function . When i click add , its just an alien word pops upYou must be registered for see element.
  4. ieszafri99

    Battlefield UI Problem

    help me i got problem in battleui no showing banner/logo for Dimension Labotary i will share this client ep9 gs if got solve You must be registered for see element. solve
  5. ieszafri99

    Extreme Missile Problem

    i want change to missile damage not melee damage,coz it extreme reboot Kindly help me solve this problem.already check in classconst still no luck, You must be registered for see element.