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rf server

  1. Fyra

    [Tool] RF Server [Monster, Portal & Block] Editor

    Hello, [RF MAP DATA EDIT] Today I would like to introduce a tiny editor for .dat files for RF Online Server. Seems most of users prefer to use Trirozhka parser, but in other hand best place just open and edit something fast without using any converters. Main window: You must be registered for...
  2. wafotopz

    RF Online Server & Client Set-up (AoP) / Sirin Game Guard / Tutorial 1 / Series

    I want to share this RF Online Server and Client Set-up for all newbies Dev and want to learn RF Online Development. I really recommend Sirin Game Guard, cause it's not expensive and also it has a free 50 players license that you can test with unlimited time. Here is the Tutorial : You must be...