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season 9

  1. awer91

    GameTech S9 [x10] Opened 15 jan 2024, based on Savage MU build

    Hello RageZone Community. I am glad to introduce you our new MU Online server based on custom IGCN sources provided by Ley Lei . This build was used to host the Savage Mu Online for about 4 years. It is stable, well configured and pretty unique. Unfortunately Savage MU server has been closed...
  2. lojzzty

    New-Dawn MU | Season 9 | x500 | x35 | Powered by MuEMU

    Welcome! I Invite you to join my server for the new adventure! You must be registered for see element. This server is set for players who want to play MU Online, not Idle farm or PayPal to win, of course you can get yourself an VIP but FO items? FORGET IT Server Settings: Miscellanous EXP...