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  1. bLaZer21

    [SHARE][SPLIT SOURCE][GS]Buff removed upon moving to another map

    Hi! Here, this released split source is for GS only. Always back up your source code before modifying it! Also, like the post if this helped you. :msmile: Let's start! find case EMFACTEFFECTPROCESSING_MOVEMAP: at GLCharacterEx.cpp find case EMFACTEFFECTPROCESSING_MOVEMAP: at GLCharClient.cpp...
  2. weedeej

    [SHARE] Toggle Locker Features (Juver Source)

    My very first share and my 2nd attempt on implementing my own features. What does it do: Allows you to turn locker features on/off from config.ini (or where your [GAME_FEATURE] at). If you can code it better, Please tell me how to. External Link: You must be registered for see element. Also...
  3. Matrixane

    Official ⭐[Share Private Tool] .Bdy Generator (AUDITION DANCE ONLINE)⭐ OGGTOBDYGEN

    Greetings to all. It Time to share Full "Bdy Generator" for ogg files. ENJOY IT!! "PLEASE DONT PAY TO ANYONE TO THIS TOOL" HERE IS FREE!,FULLY WORKING!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Easy steps to Make: 1-Download the archive rar,extract using...