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  1. Thrarion

    [Aion] Server with working geoengine looking for more testers before relaunch

    [Relaunch] Hivegamez AionTestserver with working GEOEngine and about 80% (content/mechanics) fixed in total ONLINE- steady development - free 2 play - online more then 1 year allready and developed since then - started on ragezoneWeb: https://aion.hivegamez.com/Discord post for...
  2. O

    [Mu Online] Season 18 - Looking for TEAM

    Introduction: Season 18 middle xp ( x2500, drop 60% ) are looking for close beta testers. Server in this moment it is at 75-80% DONE. We need just to adjust some things and test everything.Available Positions: We are looking for this testers positions: - Drop Tester ( drop from boss...