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twin saga

  1. AaronzitoBr

    [Astral Tale Eternal] Max Lv.150 | Exp +300% | Gold +25% | Drop x2 | Custom Dungeons, Events and More!

    You must be registered for see element. Upcoming Astral Tale Private Server, based on official Astral Tale (Jan, 10th) gameplay, but slightly easier, fun and play-to-win. - I'm the owner of Aura Kingdom Eternal, online for 6 years already (2 years in the current v15)! - You can expect for a...
  2. RyuuM3gum1n

    [Opensource] TwinSaga Oneclick Installer

    With the help of Haruka who has brought to you the Aura Kingdom oneclick installer, he helped me create the You must be registered for see element.. The installation procedure is exactly the same :oops: If you intend to use this installer, i would appreciate if you could share your fixes for...
  3. ArcanjoSol

    [Reborn] Dragomon Hunter - CAP Lv95 ON! - Rates +300% - All Companions Free with LP, Unlimited Fortune Gems with LP

    You must be registered for see element. 《SERVER LINKS》 Discord: You must be registered for see element. Website: You must be registered for see element. Host Location : New York 《SERVER INFO》 Version: Released: Saturday, July 22 Current Max Level: 95 EXP: 2x DROP: Custom 《INGAME...