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  1. MrFillin

    Full source code for the game Spirit Hunter Online or Blood and Soul (source code + client + server + documentation + tools)

    "Hunting Spirit" is a large-scale 3D online magic game developed by famous domestic development and operation company. The development team of "Hunting Spirit" has overcome many bottlenecks and become the pioneer of "total freedom and unlimited PC", allowing players to give up meaningless...
  2. Z

    QQ Farm standalone server

    QQ Farm is an online flash game. Here's the software to run it locally. Windows only. You must be registered for see element. There's a video walkthrough that you can follow, but the gist of it is that you run the exe labeled [01] first to start the database, then run the second exe [02].
  3. SparkLings

    someone help me with this 2 error??

    You must be registered for see element.You must be registered for see element. how do i unstall my .NET Framework 4 and how to install my windows installer ?? i dont have games and also fresh PC after wiping out all. up