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world of warcraft

  1. mihail77bg

    WoW Desolation

    WoW Desolation (Coming soon) high rate server -Progressive Through The Expansions, -Starting with Vanilla (60 LVL) (lich king client), -3X Rates,(items included) -Weekend Double XP, -Crossfaction, -2v2/5v5 Arena, -Transmog, I want to explain what's my plan and everything . For now...
  2. edenheroes

    [WoW WoTLK ] Eden Heroes - PVP Battle Royale & Instance Key System

    You must be registered for see element. Eden Heroes Project is a custom Wrath of The Lich King expansion inspired by World of Warcraft universe, our objective is to provide a fair and free gaming experience not limited by class, race, or faction. All factions can group together to defeat The...