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  1. WeedLikeToSmoke

    [Clipstone] .Flex <type> Command Showcase For Plutonium Black Ops 2 Servers

    Command Usage: .flex <Kills/Headshots/Revives/Downs/Rounds/Money/All> Lets you flex the amount of stats youve accumilated over your play time on the clipstone servers! You must be registered for see element. You must be registered for see element.
  2. WeedLikeToSmoke

    [Plutonium] Call Of Duty Online Servers/Offline play and modding

    All the best downloads for the call of duty client made by plutonium to help you get started making your own zombies/multiplayer servers! Plutonium supports Black Ops 2 Zombies & Multiplayer, Black Ops 1 Zombies & Multiplayer and World At War Zombies & Multiplayer! MW3 IS WANK GO ELSE WHERE...