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1.3.1 fixed glink

Initiate Mage
Apr 3, 2022
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Hellow guys, have smb fixed from oog glink on version 1.3.1 , I know that this version is full of troubles , but only this version can realize dream build for people who waiting server , but I can’t make stable server without fixing glink , and it’s cost too much for me… The server will be not so big , for about 50 players , but I need stable working , for pve to recover every time base from backups , it’s not good, iam afraid that when server will dropped, smb will refine or craft equip, a lot things might be happen. Help smb, pls, you are the only my chance to make people dreams come true.
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Jun 19, 2021
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Hi i'm also hosting 1.3.1 server, maybe it's glink and auth issue? sometimes it can't login and like a dead server? if true then you have to edit the auth folder (application, org, protocol), steps: just copy from the higher version overwrite and then use sync all player function. if sync ok, that server will never die, if not ok, stop pwadmin then copy 1.3.1 over and repeat the above step until successful.
+ I used wincp to do it when the server is on.
+ Trig is here just start stop pwadmin to make protocol error and accepted with new :)
Hope this help.
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