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360 and PC audio

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Apr 26, 2005
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So basicly what I was thinking of is hooking up my 360 to my monitor and let it run on full hd, I'm getting a cable for this. This cable also has 2 RCA plugs but these only support stereo sound. The cable also has a jack for an optical TOSLINK cable. Now the plan is to get the sound on my 5.1 headset that is connected to my computer. My soundcard is an X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty one which only has 3.5mm jacks, but one of these jacks is called the flexijack which should support any digital input. My plan was using the TOSLINK cable and then use a converter for the digital toslink plug to a 3.5mm plug and hook it up to the flexijack. In theory this means I should have true 5.1 from the xbox on my headset. My headset is also plugged into the X-Fi card, therefore I only have the flexijack left to use it either for a mic or external sound source.

Amirite ?
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