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4.4 Uni Drop Questions

Junior Spellweaver
May 24, 2004
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I'm losing it .. missing something here...
I've gone through what I think is most of the broken up pieces I get here and there .. and still can't edit the rings to get even ppills to drop ...

Not sure what's going .. can someone drop me a bullet list of what steps are needed to get or edit the right things to mod the mops .. to get them to drop stuff.

I've set the tblspeciaitem1 limits up ...
I've ensured that gameid allows nulls
I've edited the mop file according to the patterns i read about ... but i still seem to be missing something.

I've tried it both ways .. where you edit the mopxxx.rsm file .. and also setup and relied on the mopspc.rsm file to adjust things to drop ..

Nada .. nikto .. nothing

I'm also confused from what I'm seeing in the Mopxxx files ...
According to the legends i read about ...

Column 1 = Name
Column2 = Index Number of the Monster in question
Column3 = 3-6 is the spawn area .. xy's of a large box on the map
Column4 = #ofdrops ( not sure what this impacts) but i do enter a value ie:30
Column5 = ItemKind (chosen from the ItemKind List #) ie: 6 = uni's
Column6 = ItemIndex (chosen from the list in the ItemKind List # ie: 67 = ppills
Column7 = Count1 (relative to first set of and repeated 4 more times
(i undertand if you edit across all 5 groups of there's a 5 in 5 chance of that drop)

Now where I'm confused is in the following example .. Mop00021.rsm

The following is a copy of whats in it .. can someone explain .. why there are no references to Monster Index 50,51,56,57,77 (hoolie,spy,mute,robber,buccis)
rather in the index column it refers to other numbers ... like 7,1 and 2)
Do I have the wrong reference list of monsters for 4.4 ?

Mop00021.rsm example

here's what's in it ...
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May 28, 2004
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Just edit the mop file for the map you want uniques to drop on.

Lets use studio1 as an example this is Mop00044.rsm if you open it up in a text editor you would see a line like this:

Spy2 14 1 1 14 17 3 6 43 1 6 43 1 6 43 1 0 1 130

Now the red 3 represents the Drop rate which would be 3 out of 5 kills it would drop a golden apple.

Now the blue number is the item kind

the orange number is the uni id

the green number the amount of the uni that will drop

But keep in mind that if you changed the first number eg: the red 3.

Lets say you want to change it to 5 so that the monster will drop something every time it dies then you would have to repeat the second set of numbers (6 43 1) 5 times instead of 3.

hope that helps.
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Junior Spellweaver
May 24, 2004
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w00t ..tx so much ... I get it .. lol ... awesome 8)