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A few of my problems

Newbie Spellweaver
Feb 18, 2008
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Well hello there elitepvpers,,
I am developing a server myself too, but as always i get alot of unknown errors which cant get my further on..

First of all.. i cant add any custom armors or change the custom armors i want to have, as soon as i changed the .gb and .gtx files and i get ingame, i am naked for the part of what i changed (Well,, i tested the whole set but still..) What did i miss? Macro's cant be it since the macro should be in already when i change an item set..

Adding RateByTime and UpgradeWeaponChance to the serverside config doesn't work, all that works are the MD5 checksums, ratebykill, and command overrides, also AutoServerAnnouncements and loginmessages do not apply .. is it my ProtectS.dll , my MainSvrT.exe or a wrong setup..?

I am having the webadim repack at the moment, and i see many stupid stuffs inside the data folders, a few times i see items .gb files with a p01_t at the end, but than there's no a01, also there are a few weird GB and GD files of which i don't know what they are for..

Well.. just that for now, i can come with much more problems that occur to me and my server just in no time tho, but i'll hold it at this since i can't remind what problems else i had..