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A little story, i think u will like

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Mar 3, 2003
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Their was a girl in tech back when i went their- this was the first year i was going 2 tech that this happened, that will be a good 3 years ago now.

Their was a very nice girl in class her name was claire, i never spoke 2 her she was always with the group of girls an before you say why not, she had a guy on the go that was built like a brick poop house.

So i was going into tech 1 day and decided being the gentleman that i am, ill hold the door for these girls walkin through anyhow as it happened their she was comin towards the door and my some quirk of fate the door slipped out of my hands and smacked her in the face, poop happens.

Oh anyhow me m8 was talkin 2 her in the IT suite and she is havin problems with her e-mail and so me m8 he helps her out and sets it up she sends a test email with a photo of herself now this photo was passed on to me and deleted cause me m8 has a girl anyhow i didnt want this girl to go ahead and kill me so i kept quiet about it till now when i just found it 3 years later in my yahoo storeage so i decided to put it up for u guys and before you open it i forgot 2 mention.. Shes a laundry model!

Not open for further replies.