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A merry Christmas.

Dec 1, 2007
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Merry xmas, mines nearly over!

Had a great day today, the lady & I went to my mums pretty early in the morning and just handed out presents and waited for while for my little brother to get up, while I was their my mum gave me a couple of presents, a oscillating fan (the pedestal type), grooming kit (my beard of lack their off looks pretty gross -- was trying to be like Rob! but I failed :p), and a nice alarm clock (which is basically what I asked for which was nice).

Second stop was back to my GF's house and we opened presents about 9:30am, I mostly got some nice clothes (fashion isn't a strong point of mine), five pairs of socks, and a street directory (even before we started going out I used to complain that I don't have a street directory and after two years I get one!).

Great lunch, just the usual seafood and some different types of meats and a couple of salads, great day imo.
Ridin' Solo
Mar 24, 2008
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early, everyone's sleeping
Well, i hope ít'll be a great day