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About animals and drugs...

Human Version 2.35
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Jun 25, 2006
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Joke I found of the Net:

On a lovely sunny day, the Turtle decides to go out to the forest. And so, he goes out, running about the trees and playing, until he sees the Rabbit. And the Rabbit is all high, smoking Mary Jane like there's no tomorrow, and his mind is high up in the sky. the Turtle sees that and tells him "Yo, Rabbit! Y'know, it ain't cool doin' drugs all day! Come with me, let's go play in the forest!" the Rabbit gazes at him with red eyes, and says "Y'know, Your right. Let's go!"

And so, they go together, running and playing around the forest, when they see the Squirrel, who's busy taking cocaine! Line after line, *Snnnnnnnffffffffffffffff*......... *aaaaahhh*.....
So they tell him, "Hey bro'! Lay off the Coke, it ain't good for ya!" The Squirrel wasn't so high, so he got their point. "Yeah, You right. I'm comin' wif ya!"

So, togather all of the three of them are running and laughing together, till they see the Lion. The Lion is real messed up, injecting heroine straight to the vein, ejonying every second,
*Tsssssssssskkkkkkkkkkkk*.......... *oh, yeah*.....
Well, you should know the drill by now, "Hey Lion, ma' man, it ain't cool what you're doin' there man! Lay off that crap, and come with us!"

The Lion stares at them angrily for a moment, and sounds a mighty roar: "ROOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Goddammit, I hate this poop! That's what's happenin' EVERY GODDAMN TIME when the Turtle's takin' LSD!"