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Jun 23, 2004
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Right the topic was deleted, not moved, you see i still had the window open, now when i refreshed it said the topic was invalid, if it was moved to a private area then it would of said i had no permission to view that topic. And please don't insult my knowledge about vBulletin.

The only way possible would of been to copy the topic, and then delete the original one, but i doubt that happened, so don't make excuses... thanks...

Now i know you got a reason to ban me, but you know i don't give a crap about that.

We both know that MentaL isn't responding on those things very well, or fast, it's pointless really, it's why Sipher has taken things in his own hands, because he know he won't get MentaL to really react.

Still this is MentaL's forum, the rules were made with his approval, it doesn't say in the rules that a mod should just ban whoever they want for whatever reason now does it?

Now there are basicly 2 options

1. Sipher keeps banning me, i keep re-registering and it goes just on and on like that.
2. We both follow the rules, and he will only ban me when i break them.

Now we all know i can play dirty (no not the sexual way... although i can do that aswell :tp: ) but i don't feel like it, but since Sipher is playing like that, i will do the same unless he stops.

I know what you are thinking now Sipher, you are thinking why the hell i'm saying this all and that i'm in no position to say these things, but let's put it this way, i have been at RZ for almost 2 years, your banning isn't going to keep me away, you won't reach what you want to reach, you might off if this was your forum, but it isn't, i consider MentaL as a friend, i have known him for 2 years now, we kinda had a bad start (he edited a picture to make it look like he had 2 Pro rings on Phoenix server etc... long story) but after a while that i was on RZ it was all good.

There are many people here that i have known for a long time, and i'm not just going to dissapear, certainly because of a person like you, so give it a rest, you can't win, as there is nothing to be won.
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Nov 19, 2003
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0 tolerance vs banned members. no warnings given
common sense i think
and you keep addressing sipher so why not use pm's? or better yet, stop acting like this and post like any other normal person does instead of arguing about pointless issues
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