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AGAR.IO Tutorials - Rules and Tips

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May 4, 2012
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AGAR.IO: Tutorials Section Rules

Hello there ,

Before you are familiar with the section rules ,

Make sure you follow and understand the forum rules. You may view them here --> https://forum.ragezone.com/f71/forum-rules-101410/

These rules apply to the whole AGAR.IO section.


These rules apply to all sub-sections of the AGAR.IO section.

• No show of authority. (eg: 'Wrong section', 'Spamming', 'Stay ontopic')
• Posting to a troll thread will get you warned and / or infracted. Report instead!
• Do not post personal information about other people.
• Do not engage yourself into any abuse of flaming activity towards other members!

AGAR.IO Tutorials Rules

These are the rules you are required to follow when posting to a thread or posting a thread in the AGAR.IO tutorials section:

• Post only AGAR.IO related to tutorials.
• Do not make excessive use of BBCode. (Colors, Styles)
• Do not request tutorials.
• When certain things have to be downloaded, provide download links or links to threads at the beginning of your post.
• Do not include download links that provide you money

These are tips when posting to the tutorials section. You are not required to follow these however the community greatly appreciate it when you follow some of the tips below:

• Use the [ spoiler ] [ / spoiler ] tags to hide your images.
• Keep it simple.
• Provide as much detail as possible.
• Try to explain in the easiest way as possible so that newbies may get a better understanding.

When replying to a thread :

• Do not request for help.
• Do not ask thread owner for skype , facebook or any other personal details. Pm him/her instead
• Do not offer money or request him/her to make you a server.
• Do not just say "thank you" as a reply . Use the like button instead!

Your cooperation to be following the rules are much appreciated.

Thank you ,

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