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Aion 2.5 Extreme Emulator NOIP Fix

Feb 9, 2014
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Hello people,

After a few hours of struggle to find the NoIP fix for the Aion Extreme 2.5 server (and 2.5 client), I finally found it so I'm reuploading it for you if like me, you wanted to make your own 2.5 server. Apparently, the fix isn't available on the link provided everywhere (Fyyre's website) since it's down now and it's the only link that was given by people, the few people that uploaded it are dead links now. I somehow managed to get ahold of it, so I thought I would reupload it for you guys if that may help.

Thanks to Yazoo for his topic listing most clients (I got the 2.5 client from his post)
Also thanks to Hustle (https://forum.ragezone.com/threads/aion-extreme-2-5-emu.759356/) for the server files.

Here is the link for Fyyre's No IP Check DLL: