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[Aion] Searching for some testers and maybe Developers for Aion Classic 2.4

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Apr 1, 2022
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Hello, I am working on an Aion Classic 2.4 and an Aion 3.9 server based on Java. Currently I create every xml file new to read everything correctly. If you are interested in testing and bug reporting you are welcome to join my small Discord community.
The source is and will remain closed source for now.

Known problems:
- The typical Java server problems.
- Some worlds are still missing completely, as well as instances.
- Terrain Engine is not set up correctly.
- and certainly a lot more.

Fixed so far:
- New item template
- New disassembly template
- New world template
- Packets Id's correct so far
- Builder panel partially fixed (not yet completely)

I don't want to earn money with the server, should it be playable at some point it will continue to run as a public non paid server.

I'm working on the server because I want to learn programming and will soon be doing an apprenticeship as an application developer.

Greetings BeckUp.Media (Beckupgaming inside this Forum) XD

Just join my server and play some Aion if you like.
Discord link is inside my signature.