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aipolicy.data 1.5.5 editor or info on data structure

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Mar 20, 2021
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Running 343's v1.5.5 server. I'm trying to make one tiny edit to aipolicy.data. There's a variable 100932 that I'm trying to change the value it gets initialized to (currently 2). If I load the file up in a hex editor I can find 44 8A 01 there several times, with many 2's closeby :) So trying to understand a bit more about the structure of the file so I can pick the right one to change.

Am I right in thinking there's no editor for aipolicy.data v1.5.5? At least I've searched many times and can't find one. The best chance I think I have at this is to try to understand the code to read the file below and figure it out from that, but I think this only reads v1.5.3 so there will be some differences.

Edit: Ahhh nevermind, I found a workaround without needing to edit aipolicy.data... GM can set instance variables directly with console command like d_c2scmd 10900 var value :D
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