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all sorts of bugs please look.

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Jun 19, 2003
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k got my server working with not 2 many probs, but im guessing the server files r screwed. All weapons and jewelry look different than they are, cant get on a horse, all the mobs flash and npc's,and the main problem is the minmap doesnt show the right map so i cant see where im going. Could any1 give me a link for some server files without major bugs in them pls so the game is playable. ty in advance.
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Jun 27, 2003
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All weapons and jewelry look different than they are

This is the database on the server does not match the Inventory.wil/wix file

cant get on a horse

Again this is client side not server side problem

all the mobs flash

Your DATA files on the client are using the proper Wemade format, where as the server starts at 0

minmap doesnt show the right map
Yet again - Client side

So the problem you got is mainly the client you have does not match your server. As the client is 1 gig compressed (highly coompressed at that) fully updated - nobody is going to provide a link - best find a server , download there patches and that should sort out that lot.