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[ALTA] (My own game) Looking for a programmer for an in progress game development

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May 28, 2023
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I am creating a game called ALTA, that I have been working on solo for around 2 years now.

The game is set in a fantasy world and is a team combat game, primarily in instances (battlegrounds) to promote fair team fights. There will also be a small open world map where players can PvP, PvE and complete the game's story line. The focus of the game is on fair combat, you will never be able to get any items that make your character stronger, just visually different.

I am using a base framework called Atavism, which is an MMO engine. I am looking for someone who can edit / add to the existing code to add some new features.

For example, I currently have arena battles set up, but the only victory condition is the first team to 10 kills. I would like to add different victory conditions, for example:
  • First team to kill all the other team at the same time.
  • Capture the flag (there is some code that has been started on this, but not sure the state of it)
  • King of the hill (capturing a point on the map and the team holding it when the time runs out is the winner)
I would also like to implement a tournament like system for the arena battles, so if team A and B fight in one arena, and team C and D fight in another arena, the winning teams will move onto the next round.

I would like to implement progressive rewards for winning arenas in a row. Currently if you win an arena, there is a set reward (e.g 1 gold), but I would like that if you win 2 arenas in a row, in the second one you get 2 gold, then in the 3rd you get 4 etc.

I am looking for someone to come on board and help me progress the game further. I primarily need someone who is experienced in C# and Java.

I have a short video which shows the point that my game is at currently:

Please let me know if anyone is interested in the project.