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Anniversary Surprise, need a server!

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Sep 17, 2022
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TLDR: Hey folks, I know Kal is very much asleep these days but I'm desperately looking to make a small, semi functional private server for one use. I would be happy to pay for somebody's time to get this set up. Many links are dead from old posts and I'm struggling to piece it together.
Please help me set up a private server for two people to log into briefly.

The story:
My now wife and I met in 2007 on a very small private server for Kal Online. We were both 15 at the time, and played a server with approximately 60 users. Fast forward to 2010 and I moved to the US to marry her, and have now been married for 12 years with 2 kiddos. We still play games together and have never really stopped.
For my wedding anniversary this year I was hoping to replicate our characters in Kal, and have her computer all set up to launch the game with simple instructions written in her card. The reasoning for this is that I will be on military orders when our anniversary rolls around, and therefore will be able to connect to the server from my laptop, hundreds of miles away, and we can be "together" just like how we met.
That being the case, the server needs to be able to launch and have 2 people on it, to click around and wear items, but doesn't really need to be able to do much else. I'm not looking for anything new or flashy, nor anything detailed. Just essentially a virtual environment to chat on and reminisce.
I've searched high and low for active forums, and contacted folks I used to play with but have come up short. I will be happy to compensate somebody for their time if they are able to help me achieve this goal.