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Asteroid Project V2

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Inactive Account
Dec 24, 2019
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Dear RageZone members,

In February this year I started developping on a Habbo CMS because most of the currently released CMS are deprecated and extremely bad programmed.

Before we start I want to say, this project wil be released, but i need a partner who can help me with developping from this project. So are you good, contact me, information comes.

This framework has a total of 400 commit's and has undergone many changes and now we have reached a point where everyone can use it.
The most important part of the framework is of course the routing, I created my own in version 1 what I also announced here in the past.
But I chose to user the vendor SimpleRouter rounting because it is much more powerful than mine.

We use an MVC structure. Do you have no idea what this means exactly? On Google you can find a lot of information.
AsteroidCMS also uses middlewares for example a authentication, caching class and validation class
class Routes extends Router
public static function init()

Router::partialGroup('/', function () {


Router::get('/', 'Home\Index@index')->setName('index.home')->addMiddleware(CacheMiddleware::class);
Router::get('/home', 'Home\Index@index')->addMiddleware(CacheMiddleware::class);
Router::get('/lost', 'Home\Lost@index')->setName('lost');


Permission system has also been built with individual rights that you can assign to a specific role. Roles can also be created for your emulator and this is easy to manage in our housekeeping.
There is too much to mention what AsteroidCMS offers. You can find all of this later in a documentation.


  • Composer project
  • Simple Validation class

public function request()
$validate = request()->validator->validate([
'username' => 'required|min:1|max:30',
'password' => 'required|min:1|max:100',
'pincode' => 'max:6'

if (!$validate->isSuccess()) {

  • Pecee Simple routing
  • Locale systeem (meerdere languages)
  • Twig template parser
  • Helpers
  • Page caching
  • Google 2FA authentication
  • QueryBuilder
public static function getAccessLogs($player_id, $limit = 100)
return QueryBuilder::table('player_access')->where('player_id', $player_id)->limit($limit)->get();

Instead of controlling a view in your controller, we have javascript for loading all the post/get requests.
This way it is possible to go in and out of the hotel without having page refresh.


  • Hotelmanager
  • Forms/Links handler
  • Post/Get requests
  • Customforms
  • Dialogmanager
  • Notificationmanager

  • Permissions (Create: Roles, Add: Permissions)
  • Remote Control (View userdata, ban, alert & reset control) (Screenshot)
  • Room control + ban control
  • VPN control (block users based at ASN)
  • Wordfilter
  • Chatlogs
  • Banlogs
  • Stafflogs
  • Help tickets
  • FAQ manage
  • News manage
  • Shop manage
  • Catalog manage (edit your arcturus catalog).
  • Value manage
This is all, thanks for watching! <3

https://prnt.sc/qfclwk (Folder)

Friendly Regards,