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Auto increment ECoins based in PlayTime

Jun 27, 2010
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Well you'd have to create an SQL job that gets executed on a set timeframe. Three ways to do that:

  1. SQL triggers (thereby degrading perfomance);
  2. MSSQL jobs (requires Enterprise Edition);
  3. Windows Jobs;

Then you have to create a script which evaluates [Account].[dbo].[cabal_auth_table].[PlayTime] and adds a set amount of eCoins for each hour played. Of course you need to keep track of the [PlayTime] difference since the last time it got executed, because otherwise it'd just accumulate the eCoins. Possibly by creating a new table where you keep track of the eCoins transactions.

Makes sence to you? :?:
Maybe, and I say maybe I'll create a script. But I got a lot of things on my mind right now which are more important. So you go first, I'll help you.
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