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AutoPatch Server

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Apr 19, 2008
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Note: this is not in any way my work just tryin to pass it around to others :)

If for some reason you want to set up your own autopatch server to go with your private conquer server, the following info should be all you need to get you going.

Update: Included an example of a working, but by no means complete autopatch server C# script, you can download it from the attachment, it's merely a demonstration to get you started.

[Client - Server communication]

All you need is a simple tcp/ip connection to the autopatch server.
(TQ's official server: on port 9528)

Client already up to date
Client: 5057
Server: READY

So if you code your own autopatch server you will have to check the client's version against the latest version and if he's up to date all you have to send back is "READY".

Client not up to date?
Client: 5056
Server: UPDATE enzf/5057.exe

If he's not up to date you send back "UPDATE enzf/5057.exe" which consist of:
- The Red part is the text "UPDATE".
- The Green part is the IP address of the server where you host your updates / patches, so this is NOT the same as your autopatch server IP unless you also host the actual patch files on that machine.
- The Blue part is the folder and file name of the update / patch.

[Editing SocketConfig.ini]

After you set up your own autopatch server (you have all the info you need now) make sure you edit your \AutoPatch\SocketConfig.ini and possibly autopatch.dat (not sure if this is even used) to point to your server instead of TQ's.

The important part in the default file looks like this (it points to tq's servers)

Since we want to put in our own server we have to replace it with our own IP (66.666.66.666 in this example) and autopatch server port (9528 in this example) like this.

[Optional: Editing config.ini]

Additionally you can also edit \AutoPatch\config.ini so that in case your Auto update server is down for some reason, players can still click the "manual" button to go to your own patch download webpage.

Edit this to your own webpage

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but preferably only after you have actually read and tried what's in my post already

SERVER: View attachment AutoPatchServ.zip


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