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Badly Need Your Help Guys (clever computer ppl please)

May 8, 2003
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Right, heres the problem a m8 of mine that i play soma with has had his hotmail account nabbed and his p/w changed so that he can nolonger play on it and stupidly he had all the details he needs to show the soma staff to prove the account is his on this account which has been nabbed.

what i want you guys to do is show me anywher i can get a REAL breaker for hotmail so that i crack the email account and get the details back for him.

if anyone has any other ideas aswell please post them.
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Feb 18, 2003
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You can e-mail the Hotmail staff with all the details of the account that he registered with and ask them to reset the password. If you open up msn messenger and then click on help topics, you can find the website to ask for a reset there.

Hope you get it sorted.