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Nov 14, 2001
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tried 1 of those funny convos :(

mine didnt work as good


deejayrz: i run my hands through your head
deejayrz: i take out my blue jade necklace and rub it against your chest
deejayrz: i pearce your skin with my dragon slayer sword and you scream like a zumataurus
Dcontap: really? - thats impressive!
deejayrz: your crawling on the floor like an zombie, you got your legs spread and i come up behind you like a bichonlord in the morning
Dcontap: Oh dear - giro time again is it?
deejayrz: you take off your magic robe and your basic shoes and i take of my steal armour and we both ride eachother like the white hourse
deejayrz: come on gimme a hand :-(
deejayrz: what do you get if i cross 2 gay men in a room with a black man
deejayrz: 2 dead gay men