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BcStorm bugs and fixes

Nov 26, 2011
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Hey people!
Much people have problems with their bcstorm emulator because there are much bugs. I want to make here a 'list' of all the bugs. For all these bugs will come fixes but I need you too! You have to help me find bugs and fixes. Did you find a bug? Nice! Post it here and I will add it to the list. Did you find a fix? Great! I will add it too in the fixes list!

If I placed a sharp at the begin it means I'm working on it.

Here is a list of my founded bugs:
- Stream share your own message is not possible.
- Help tool tickets aren't sending to the database. So you won't will have tickets for moderators.
- Pets can't placed for the first time in the room everywhere you want (It's a empty room).
- If you click on panic button and other help buttons they won't shop up in 7 of the 10 cases.
- Settings volume isn't saving in database.
- Group colors aren't saving right (You will get often other colors).
- Training pets isn't working.
- Baby pets aren't working.
- Wired restore position and state doesn't work.
- Staff wireds won't show up.
- Bots in rooms aren't working
- To much furniture * can't enter the room

I'm working now on some other things in the emulator.

I still will search for bugs and fixes.
Help BcStorm to a better emulator. It could became the best :).
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