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BG Help

[VIP] Member
[VIP] Member
Sep 12, 2020
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Ok running BG behind a router just does not connect players to BG, yes they start up and you can see them in game but when you apply to 1 vs 1 it queues you but when it time to start it does not transfer you to BG

here is my Config

ServerListIP_Outside    =
ServerListCliPort         = 21002

;offer to internet client to connect to switch
        ; (Your Global router IP or DDNS)
SwitchIP_Outside        = xxxxx.ddns.net
Switch_CliPort            = 16403

;offer to internet client to connect to proxy
; use ddns here
ProxyIP_Outside            = xxxxx.ddns.net
Proxy_CliPort            = 16404

ServerBehindRouter = 1  ; Use this if your behind a router

If you have a working 1 with full server running behind a router please let me know or show me what i need to change>?

here this is my issue , if you did not understand what i added above ...

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