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British Heart Foundation Rant

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Mar 5, 2012
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It really isn't just about bad lifestyle. It isn't like being struck by lightning. Many factors can cause heart attacks such as family history and even your ethnicity which are factors that are almost impossible to control. Also, if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes then you are at an increased chance of having a heart attack. In 2009 2.6 million people from the UK were diagnosed with diabetes and it is estimated that 500,000 people had diabetes but undiagnosed which is about 5% of the UK population so that is already 5% of the population which are at an increase risk of a heart attack just because they have diabetes.

I am not saying lifestyle isn't a factor because it is. But he does need to take into account the other factors too.

Also the statement "cleaning up the gene-pool" is so vile... I can't even explain it. Just that made me never ever want to watch him ever again.

Also the British Heart Foundation do promote healthy lifestyles.
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Jan 1, 2003
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Diet is the number one factor with heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Obviously lifestyle like exercise is the next most important.

When he's talking about the cleaning up the gene pool, it's in reference to people that have access to both the food and the exercise but choose to take neither. I don't think we should be killing people off but we should put more of a focus on eduction on diet. Don't react emotionally to what he is saying. His argument is why should he be paying for people to live a lifestyle that results in heart attacks, why should we be paying for something that supports a lifestyle that creates disease.

The British heart foundation's website actually recommends some foods that we know for a fact contribute to heart disease, so saying they promote a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean the food they promote is all actually preventative against heart disease.

some milk and dairy products
some meat, fish, eggs

Granted, their recommendations of "some" is better than most. But why recommend any of something that we know contributes to the problem they are apparently trying to fix?

If you didn't know diet was actually the main factor with heart disease, start here bro