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buying custom commands

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Nov 17, 2009
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Well , old thread died , no one seemed to view the closed thread .
I am back i would want a custom commands like this

/name for players and donors ~for changing names
     /name with alt codes like ^1name for donor with grade id 3
     /sex - changes to female or male
    /changeclanname ~~ available only to donor grade id 3
    /chreateclan ~~ available only to donor grade id 3
    /commands - display all commands for players with brief descriptions

GM comands - banning ,muting,sending items, in game commands
*speed and gravity

Mods pls do not closed this =[ Do i have to pay for it to be stickied ?i will pay if n eeded i really want this done :(

I am paying 110$ for all the commands, done via paypal . i dont scam . i will show you prove of my paypal when u have accepted the offer , i will let u teamview me

i can be contacted at xuan@revoltgamers.com
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