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(C# Client) Animating models

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Dec 25, 2012
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Hi !

About 2 months ago I sent you a message about v19 source for my emulator. Last week I was tired from complex official source in C++, so I'ved decided to make my own client.

I use XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh with C# language and VS 2010 IDE. The goal is to make a client who looks like v19 official FlyFF (just added some little differences, like chinese cursor) with clean source in C#, for people who wants to create an advanced private server without learning C++ and DirectX 9.

Actually, I have made a big part of the interface (including mouse and key board input):
Aishiro - (C# Client) Animating models - RaGEZONE Forums

(sorry but with screen capture we can't see the mouse cursor, normaly he's hover the Exit button)

Here are the performances (I don't know if it is the good word in english :D):
Aishiro - (C# Client) Animating models - RaGEZONE Forums

The official FlyFF takes to me 49% of the proccessor and 80Mo of RAM with the same framerate (ok, I have not implemented the sound engine but there is a big difference).

Finally, I'm working on 3D models:
Aishiro - (C# Client) Animating models - RaGEZONE Forums

As you can see, now I can read and display 3D models (.o3d files), BUT I have some problems with animation (.ani files). So here is my question: can you explain to me how that works ?
I tryed to understand with official source and Duotone/Divine's posts on Ragezone, but I really don't understand how it works.

Good Bye !

PS: sorry for my bad english
PS²: I want to prove that we can be 15 years old and French, and make a huge work in the emulation world.

If someone knows how did the model's animation works, please explain me !
I know what's is a bone in theory but in the .o3d of mvr_Aibatt I don't understand why there's no bone declaration... Else, I can give my vs project if someone wants to work on.

Thanks :):
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Apr 21, 2009
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.chr files contain bone data if that's what you need...
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