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Can't connect to friend server and more

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Feb 3, 2013
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First : I wanna ask why i can't enter on my friend new server ? He just opened it for us to play and test little things but he is newbie in opening server but did it with such great tutorials ( Thank you all ) but now i can't connect to his server , he gave me the Internal txt and all files needed , i have account but just can't connect . Btw he don't have a router so it's that a problem ?

Second : We got emi's beta gm tools but we need something to add for us some items and fancy . I saw many codes on forum so like I said we are newbies and don't know what to do with that codes . If you mind to teach us step by step that would be great .

Third : After we thinking of adding some RUNES by a tutorial our server got fuc*ed up and now don't enter on channels anymore .
*If I will need something more I will edit this .
*Sorry for poor english .

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