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Cant connect to my server

Initiate Mage
Feb 9, 2013
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Hello Guys,

I installed the EP2 files of cabal because i am starting to learn how to program and just want to start small,

I have a Windows server 2008 R2 runnning with the mssql 2005 running without problems, and yes i installed sp3 for comp issues.

The centos is also on a remote network.

Centos ip : 95.128.X.18X
Mssql ip:

I put the firewall off.
And changed the internal ip adress of client to the 95.128

once i try to login my game it says cannot connect to server, and my Putty, tells me the servers are running.

And i can ping he Mssql server and the centos computer, the mssql server does ping the centos, but the centos wont ping any ip address only websites like google.

Whats my problem?
'' if you ask my logs please tell me where to find them''

Greets Tyler !
Experienced Elementalist
Nov 17, 2012
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did u set ur adapter to Bridge if so then change it to NAT and forward ur ports....cause I think u have a modem

u can find ur logs in /var/log/cabal

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