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Cant connect to server. Maybe PW problem?

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Apr 2, 2007
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i made a server on my pc and used the guide: [MEGA GUIDE] Rose Server Setup + Compiling + SQL & More .

There is always standing that u should leave a space wgere normally a pw must stand.
I have another server emu for a game and its runnig with the SQL on my pc too.
When i made this server i set a PW for SQL so i typed this PW instead of leaving the pw field free.
but when i have started the server exes in the server emu folder (which star without givving me an errer) and want to conect to the serv with the client it sais that i cant connect because the server is under maintenance.
So my question:

could this be because i have a pw for my sql ?

and if that is the case are there more files i need to enter the pw than the ones( worldservconfig, etc) in the guide?

hope someone can help me.

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