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Changing a set's stats and such

May 23, 2008
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Hey all, I have been working on changing an unused set in the serv/client files to a quote-on-quote 'custom' set for my server.
I have edited the item names client side successfully. I have seemingly successfully edited serverside item.scp... but a couple problems.

1. After a successfull restart with the new item.scp, the item name shows as I want it to because I correctly edited cabal_msg.enc, but the stats, requirements, and other basic info are, obviously, still the same. How do I go about changing the clientside numbers for stats, requirements, etc in an item?

2. Very oddly, all the items appear to remain virtually unchanged by the item.scp. They have the same account binding, same requirements, honor requirements, level requirements, and stat increases, as they did before I edited anything. I am not sure if this is client sided, although I somewhat doubt it.

I have so far edited Item.scp serverside and the item names via cabal_msg.enc clientside.

I am trying to edit the Sample Lvl 50 set, because it doesn't drop, it is unused, you can't craft it, and it doesn't look -too- nooby.

Any help is greatly appreciated, criticism, flames are not. Questions are okay to ask as to how I got this far if you wish to know more then what I have said.
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Feb 12, 2008
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1)editing item.enc

2) you need to first understand how to edit the item.enc and then synchronize with the item.scp

so have i been doing the time, now that the COKR did update with the new weapons and have the ideal skins for blue forcium or 'Blue Mithril'.

PS: that and a complex work that has to be done with patience and calm, because the minimum error that the client can become unstable, and that i do not want.

while many are putting pserver and increasing level resets to spoil the game, I'm trying to update it as far as possible.


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May 23, 2008
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Yea, the item.enc is odd, slightly encrypted even after decrypting the enc it appears.
Anyways, I'd love to take a gander at that sweetscape .bt item.enc template, but the link to download it is sadly broken.
And I agree with you, reborns suck.
I do know the client can become very unstable very easily... using yamachi's files I personally think it's best to use the cabal europe soul and sienna client, as combining files from that and ogplanet's, me and several others on my server have experienced ESET errors, randomly occuring when entering the client... to the point that the client is unusable.
I am also waiting for the leak of EP3 files, and, being bored and with lots of free time, searching using foreign keywords/languages on google for any possible leaks xD, nothing yet. Lol. I just find it hard to believe the only ep3 files are in a cycle of people who buy and sell them... that there is not one leak publically available on the net. Meh, there may not be. But if there is, I'll try my best to find it.

BACK ON TOPIC... I need that broken link for the item.enc template please, if anyone has it, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Nvm got it, google cache ftw. Save this as ItemENCTemplate.bt
typedef struct {float row[4];} Vec4D;
typedef struct {Vec4D col[4];} Matrix4x4;       //  Stupid crap that needs to be done to emulate a multi-dimensional array ،_،


typedef enum <uint32> {
    _1x1     = 0,
    _1x2     = 1,
    _1x3     = 2,
    _1x4     = 3,
    _2x1     = 4,
    _2x2     = 5,
    _2x3     = 6,
    _2x4     = 7,
    _3x1     = 8,
    _3x2     = 9,
    _3x3     = 10,
    _3x4     = 11,
    _4x1     = 12,
    _4x2     = 13,
    _4x3     = 14,
    _4x4     = 15,
} SLOTS;      // Width x Height

typedef enum <uint32> {
    m_BATTLE       = 1,
    a_ARMOUR        = 2,
    z_MARTIAL       = 0

typedef enum <uint32> {
    IDT_UCOR        = 0,
    IDT_OCOR        = 1,
    IDT_QDID        = 2,
    IDT_QDIT        = 3,
    IDT_WSCL        = 4,
    IDT_MWPN        = 5,
    IDT_1HND        = 6,
    IDT_2HND        = 7,
    IDT_SUIT        = 8,
    IDT_GLOV        = 9,
    IDT_BOOT        = 10,
    IDT_HMET        = 11,
    IDT_ALZS        = 13,
    IDT_PTON        = 14,
    IDT_RING        = 15,
    IDT_NLCE        = 16,
    IDT_CLOK        = 17,
    IDT_QSTS        = 18,
    IDT_QSTN        = 19,
    IDT_QDMI        = 20,
    IDT_VEHI        = 22,
    IDT_PANT        = 24,
    IDT_SPOS        = 27,
    IDT_FMUC        = 28,
    IDT_EXTR        = 29,
    IDT_CTOL        = 30,
    IDT_CLVU        = 31,
    IDT_ERNG        = ***
    IDT_BSLI        = 33,
    IDT_LOTT        = 34,
    IDT_COEN        = 35,
    IDT_FXTS        = 36,
    IDT_FXTN        = 37,
    IDT_BLBD        = 38,
    IDT_WCCL        = 39,
    IDT_RSRT        = 42,
    IDT_CURE        = 43,
    IDT_CHNG        = 44,
    IDT_RNCD        = 45,
    IDT_RSPN        = 46,
    IDT_GLDE        = 50,
    IDT_PETN        = 51,
    IDT_FXFS        = 52,
    IDT_AVAN        = 54,
    IDT_BALN        = 55,
    IDT_GEND        = 56,
    IDT_RPNS        = 57,
    IDT_FTSM        = 58,
    IDT_LKWP        = 59,

typedef struct {
    char VisualID[60];
    char ItemID[60];
    char DescID[60];
    ubyte unk_0[20];
    TYPE Type;
    DISP DisplayCode_pt1;
    uint32 DisplayCode_pt2;
    ubyte unk_2[56];
    uint32 LimitLevel;
    uint32 unk_3;
    uint32 LimitReputation;
    ubyte unk_4[32];
    uint32 dSTR2;
    uint32 dDEX2;
    uint32 dINT2;
    uint32 PriceSell;
    SLOTS SlotSpaces;
    uint32 ValueLv;
    uint32 AttackRate_Opt1;
    uint32 DefenRate_Opt1Val_PhyAttMax;
    uint32 Defense_LEVLmt_MagAttVal;
    uint32 MaxCore;
    uint32 Opt2_STRLmt1;
    uint32 DEXLmt1_Opt2Val;
    uint32 INTLmt1_Opt3;
    uint32 Opt3Val_STRLmt2;
    uint32 DEXLmt2_Opt4;
    uint32 INTLmt2_Opt4Val;
    uint32 dSTR1;
    uint32 dDEX1;
    uint32 dINT1;
    uint32 Property;
    ubyte EnchantCodeLnk;
    ubyte unk_5;
    ubyte Grade;
    ubyte unk_6;
    ubyte LimitClass;
    ubyte unk_7;
    ubyte PeriodType;
    ubyte PeriodUse;



struct LI {
    ITEM Items[1668]<optimize=false>;
} Items;
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Oct 20, 2006
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You need to change 1668 in
ITEM Items[1668]<optimize=false>;
to something higher so it shows all of the items. It doesn't matter if you set it to 3000. You'll get some errors but just ignore them.