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Client Side problem??

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Feb 20, 2006
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im using rose_112_112_NA client and my sever works well exept my charserver, it says at the begining

[Warning]: could not acess char server;

then after i go on and ignore it when i log run the rose.bat enter the username and pasword it it was left in a never ending please wait.....
then i got bored and look and check my files i found again in charserver
it says:

[Warning]: <SID:216> Recieve Unknown packet. Command:6d5a Size:000a

uhmm i believe this it becuz of my client files cuz im using rose_112_112_na??

anyone else have made thier server running in rose_112_112_na using Salah's Guide??

i think i need to download other clients, idk which one to download and where to download??

can anyone help me in this??
Not open for further replies.