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Close Please

Newbie Spellweaver
Sep 2, 2008
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Well guys, I got my GunZ server up and all, and perhaps this isn't the best place to ask but I'll take a shot.
I've been playing around on my GunZ Server all day.

And other have tried to connect. They say they can see the screen but no log in server.
So I looked around, and since today is my first day with the GunZ Server files.
It said that the problem might be with the Filelist.xml.

Because, if you change something you must update that.
But everytime I run these Filelist.xml Generators, all it is, is a big white .exe screen, when I run it, it says the file could not be found? :S

Is this just me having the problem or...?

As well, sometimes my Match server WILL connect, other times it won't, what's the deal with that? o.o