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Collaboration of an insane assylum

Aug 7, 2006
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Okay, this is music by an industrial/black metal group called STALAGGH.
Info on their music is in the above article and I strongly suggest you read that whilst you listen to the video.

This music was recorded unrehearsed by real murder convicts, mental patients, one of which commited suicide shortly after.

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Jan 30, 2008
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4. What does Stalaggh mean?

A Stalag was a Nazi concentration camp, the extra G
and H stand for Global Holocaust. Our name represents
the total annihilation of human life. Our name has
nothing to do with politics.

10. What is the views of Stalaggh I know we would all
like to know.

For us misanthropy is a
deep hatred of humanity and all it's values and morals
and we see mankind as a plague that must be wiped out
completely. Our opinion on nihilism is that we
understand that our existence is completely futile.
All we do in this life and on this world is completely
meaningless. Life is without meaning or purpose.

Omg. Okay.... Is this like a marketing plan for the shock factor. i.e. something like Marilyn Manson.
Are these people for real? Or is this whole thing a gimmick?