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Collection of Client/Server/Misc. Files

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Apr 26, 2023
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DISCLAIMER: This is by no means a complete list of files, it's simply what I have gathered over the years whenever I'd stumble upon a link that still worked. If it's not listed on the site, then I currently do not have access to it or know where to get access to it.

I have not played RedMoon Online since the old Diosa server was still alive in North America, and I've only tinkered around with setting up a little private server on a Virtual Machine many years ago, so I apologize to anyone who has issues with any of the files or has questions beyond the information provided in the various guides when trying to set your server up.

I simply wanted to help provide a single place to easily download all of the client/server/misc. files that I had gathered over the years since everything seems so spread out across various forums with broken download links or people for some strange reason not wanting to share whatever files that they have publicly and/or releasing them as password-protected files, rather than just putting what you have out there for the old school RM communities to be able to work with and enjoy.

If anyone has additional files that they have been hanging on to and would like to add them to the collection, feel free to reach out to me via these forums (I'll do my best to check replies/DM's often) or on Discord (neurolol) to let me know to check the forums and I'd be more than happy to upload them and add the links to the site. I manage the server that the site and files are being hosted on so no worries about dead links or the site disappearing randomly. I've had the hosting for over 20 years. If everyone shares what they have more openly and collectively, it should be much easier for people to have the correct files and guides needed to set up their own private servers to have some fun with.

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