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Configuring a T4C Server on MAC OS

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Jun 2, 2006
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Well... it`s not that hard.. Download the 1.25 Server, and the client, than open a win -mac emulator ( i use darwin ) than open the T4C Server.exe ( installer) and make it to install on /desktop/yournamehere/T4C Server, the install will say some poop, just ignore it, than open Configuration, and go on OBDC, and crate a .sql Database ( cause MDB doesnt exist on mac, at least on my 10.4.8 doesnt) than convert you .mdb db to a .sql... ok server should be configurated by now, just to test, open the .exe using -m parameter ( nomally you can set it on the win - mac emulator config tab). Than do the same poop to the T4C Client, use the emulator to install, bla bla bla... than, you should be able to have t4c 1.25 server/ client working... ( yes there`s a MAC Server/Client, but good luck on getting it xD)
Well, Have fun!