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Connect fail

Initiate Mage
Dec 26, 2012
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So I am getting this error

[Sat Feb  9 2013 17:40:02.138652 3085912560]: [##ERROR##] connect fail
[Sat Feb  9 2013 17:40:02.138693 3085912560]: [##ERROR##] Link(): link open fail(Automatic), Exit
[Sat Feb  9 2013 17:40:02.138861 3085912560]: [##ERROR##] active fail
[Sat Feb  9 2013 17:40:02.362602 3085912560]: waiting for the client version
[Sat Feb  9 2013 17:40:03.130278 3077610384]: CProcessLayer(0)::svc Terminated [3077610384]
[Sat Feb  9 2013 17:40:03.132013 3085912560]: waiting for the image key
[Sat Feb  9 2013 17:40:03.132405 3085912560]: try listening 38101 port

and when i got to canyouseeme.org

LordAres - Connect fail - RaGEZONE Forums

But heres the weird thing. I followed the video guide to the T of port forwarding, I have almost the same exact router as the guy. So port forwarding was easy to follow. I port forwarded the cabal ports. And the MSSQL port. Turned off UAC and Windows Firewall. And restarted. Booted up CentOS checked the log file and still get this error.

Heres proof of cabal ports opened:

LordAres - Connect fail - RaGEZONE Forums

And heres proof of MSSQL open:

LordAres - Connect fail - RaGEZONE Forums