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Crash Every Relogin & New Char Login

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Dec 21, 2012
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Someone please help me, im using source v19 adeilson. With some modification ive made like perin converter, job glowchange, and last time i had to add Dark Traseia with changed texture limit to 260.
But now every logging in to game neuz always get a crash, after several crashes and then i can login. In first logging in new char tho.

This is client log when i get crashes, i dont really understand with this error message,
So i cant trace where's the fault :\

2013/ 1/29 22:55:55 g_pPlayer is ready

2013/ 1/29 22:55:55 Jan 29 2013 20:54:30 1 rCnt=1

Neuz.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in module Neuz.exe at 001B:0044D78A

- Registers

EAX=FF170E09 EBX=7FFDA000 ECX=FF170E09 EDX=0A997A18 ESI=00000000
EDI=7C80B731 EBP=001350BC ESP=001350B8 EIP=0044D78A FLG=00010286
CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000

001B:0044D78A Neuz.exe
001B:0061248E Neuz.exe
001B:0060F43F Neuz.exe
001B:0050F50D Neuz.exe
001B:004D877F Neuz.exe
001B:0060F926 Neuz.exe
001B:004C25C9 Neuz.exe
001B:004C2CF1 Neuz.exe
001B:004C281C Neuz.exe
001B:004C1727 Neuz.exe
001B:004113FE Neuz.exe
001B:0040E657 Neuz.exe
001B:004106F7 Neuz.exe
001B:0040DC20 Neuz.exe
001B:007CE9EB Neuz.exe
001B:0046F74A Neuz.exe
001B:0048E840 Neuz.exe
001B:0048E681 Neuz.exe
001B:0047650C Neuz.exe
001B:0092609C Neuz.exe
001B:7C817067 kernel32.dll, RegisterWaitForInputIdle()+0073 byte(s)

2013/ 1/29 22:58:11 g_pPlayer is ready

2013/ 1/29 22:58:13 total 999999999

2013/ 1/29 22:58:13 total 999999999

2013/ 1/29 22:58:13 total 999999999

2013/ 1/29 22:58:13 total 999999999

2013/ 1/29 22:58:13 total 999999999

Thanks Before,
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